Oak,- the preferred one!

Oak wood is most preferred for the production of flooring and furniture.

This is because it is extremely durable and with a relaxed structure.

Its natural color is bright and warm and can be easily combined with other parts of the interior, but also allows coloring in a wide range of scenery, which makes it compatible with both at The traditional choice, and with the boldest innovative solutions.



Who can believed that it is possible to have a natural wooden floor and it looks unnaturally perfect!

In the Extra selection we select the tree as if it is painted.

Without knots and contrast stripes, only uniform wood structure intersected by the „golden thread “ of oak wood.


Select selection is for people who want to enjoy the wood grain of the oak , but without becoming a focus in the interior. The small knots and natural colors of the wood are intended only to highlight the natural beauty without intrusive presence.

Let it be wood!

Rustic oak selection reveals all the beauty of natural wood . Saturation of patterns and knots that play with amber background. This selection is becoming more popular not only for rustic interiors, but also ultra-modern design.

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